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Світ розширив кордони для гімназистів. Кілька років поспіль вони беруть участь у спільних проектах з учнями з Америки, Африки, Європи. Нещодавно у рамках Міжнародного проекту «Global Community» їхніми партнерами стали ровесники з Китаю. Комунікаційні технології і відкритість політики Української держави дозволяють нашим співвітчизникам почуватися “громадянами миру”, причетними до всіх світових процесів. Україна - не окраїна, а рівноправний член світової спільноти.


USA: How do you do everybody! My name's Tetyana  and I am from the 10th Grade.Our class has got great partners from  Los Angeles, California, USA. Our first Project was “DO YOU KNOW THE COUNTRY I LIVE IN?” We received a plan from their teacher and started to implement it. We  asked lots of questions and were asked information about our country and after that we prepared PowerPoint presentations on possible location of our Epals. And finally we created video introducing ourselves  to Epals.


AUSTRIA: Hi my name's Vlad.

I represent here the 9th Grade. Our project was  called “Little Reporters”. We have great tights with Austrian students and our task was to shoot a short film about our school. I should say it was indeed a great challenge for us and we were all engaged in this process. We were split into groups and the work began. Our ePals also sent us their video.


SWEDEN: Let me introduce  myself.  I am Oksana  and I am also from the 9th Grade and would like to tell you about our partners from Sweden. We  asked them to join us in the project “The best places to see in your town” and were sent a video about their favourite places and  had a unique opportunity to see the country inside.


HONGKONG: Hi! My name's Yana.

I am here to speak about my hobby.

I am in the 8th Grade and like foreign languages very much. Last year we got lots of letters from students from Honk Kong. We both shared cultural information and were amazed on cultural diversity of this country which sometimes was very weird for us. They sent us many photos and one of them is the way they decorate their houses on New Year. I was inspired by all their stories that decided to learn Chinese or Japanese languages myself. Soon I found a friend from Japan  and she helped me in learning Japanese. It's amazing believe me!


Kenya: Kenya Hi, I represent the senior students. My name's Kate and I would like to tell you  about our African  pals from Kenya. Only when you see their photos you can realize how happy and lucky you are here in Ukraine. I wish we could do something  important for these kids. Last year  our students organized a campaign to support  children on the Day of African Child under the slogan  Let Children be seen and heard. Our students drew their pictures and we sent them to our African friends.


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